On Saturday, the 27th of April 2019 we had the pleasure of having Laura Kealy from Bridge Nutrition host a Nutrition Workshop for Members, Friends & Families of CrossFit Leixlip. 

Laura has completed a Post Grad in Sports and Exercise Nutrition and is a registered Performance Nutritionist.

Laura is an ISAK Qualified Professional and has offered all members the opportunity to get your Body Fat % Analysed with Full Anthropometric Measurements including a Skinfold Analysis. Skinfold analysis is one of the most commonly used, affordable, and among the gold standard methods of body composition analysis.

Get in touch should you wish to get this done. 

Some pointers we took away from the Nutrition Workshop include:

· Nutrition is like the air we breath every day. It should be a priority in all of our lives, whether you are training or not we need it every day to be well and to perform better.

· Essential Nutrients of Life: Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Minerals, Waters, Roughage, Vitamins. Some of these are given in our In Body Scan Results.

· N.E.A.T. - Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis – Your gym membership can only control what you do for one hour of the day a few days a week. What you do for the other 23 hours / days per week is vital to your health and weight loss if that is your goal. Laura recommended to track your steps and aim to get 6,000 to 10,000 steps daily.

· Consistency in your food is just as important as in your training consistency. The more consistent you are the better the results!

· Carbohydrate Intake = Better Performance

· Discussion around Timing of Eating around Training throughout the day. Studies show Breakfast improves Exercise Performance.

· What are Portion Sizes?

· Discussion around Supplementation - #Creatine is currently one of the most highly recommended supplementation's to be taken for sports performance - even for recreational athletes! We are all getting on some of that lol !!

· Check out the Bridge Nutrition Website to work out your approx. calorie requirement per day. Please note that this is a rough guide and if you have specific fitness, performance, fat loss, or muscle gain goals you need to have your nutrition personalised. www.bridgenutrition.ie

Laura then spent 20 mins on each person doing their Skinfold Analysis.

We also hired the use of an In Body Scan Machine which took about 3 mins to do for each person. You entered your ID (telephone number) your height in cm's, your age & gender and stood on the machine barefoot holding to levers. It calculated your Body Composition Analysis including: Total Body Water, Protein, Minerals, Body Fat Mass & Total Body Weight. It also shows your Skeletal Muscle Mass, your BMI, your Percentage Body Fat plus lots more! We have emailed you all your results now to have a look.

See below a picture as an example of the results.

Check out Bridge Nutrition's Instagram Facebook  account with tons of very helpful information.  Give them a follow !