Orlaith Graham


Squat 5rep max: 80kg

Completed my first CF Open in 2021 Rx'd


Strength & Conditioning

Nutrition Advisor

Group/Individual Personal Training

Currently studying Neuromuscular Therapy and Crossfit Coaching.

About Coach

I was always involved in sport and exercise since I can remember! I have played a bit of every sport but my favorite is definitely rugby. After playing rugby for some years I felt that I needed more and that's when I found Crossfit. I was already coaching and teaching group and individual exercise classes since graduating from college and I eventually got the opportunity to manage a gym. After joining Crossfit Leixlip I was immediately addicted and wanted to expand my knowledge and push myself to train the way the CFL crew do. After becoming a member, and training and learning from the coaches at CFL, I had the amazing opportunity of becoming a part of the coaching team. It has made my Crossfit journey so much more amazing because I get to do what I love, coaching and training with great people every day!

Turning Point

After graduating from college I had already been working a comfortable job, good pay, and easy days work. I stayed in this role for some time even though I knew it was not what I wanted to truly do. While it was enjoyable, it was also easy for me to stay in my comfort zone. It wasn't until I decided to take the leap and hand in my notice, jump in the deep end and work towards what I really wanted to do. That was definitely a turning point for me and one I am glad happened!

Motivation & Passion

I strive in helping people set personal goals and helping them towards achieving them, however big or small, through the right coaching and guidance. I love seeing others progress and reach goals that they may have never reached before. Small progress each day leads to great results!

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