CrossFit Open


It's a good time to be doing CrossFit!
It will soon be the most exciting time of the year for CrossFitters all over the world and we are prepping for it!
Time to get the bodies and minds in check for our next "CrossFit Open" beginning 10th of October.
The Open is a fun community time to celebrate health, fitness and happiness. We do this for the comradery and to give a purpose for training together every day💪💙
We encourage and push each other on every day and the Open will determine where you are at every year!
Where will you come in the standing of #FittestOnEarth 

#ProveYourFitness #CelebrateProgress #CelebrateCommunity #FitterFasterStrongerThanLastYear #OpenWODs #OpenPrep2020

Don't forget to use Hashtags #CrossFitLeixlip #IrishInTheOpen when Registering Online!

Open 2020 FB.png
Open2020 NB Dates.png

A Peak at last Season's 19.3 

Some Highlights of Open 2019