Emotional Health

Emotions are the heartbeat of your thoughts and in turn determine how you make decisions and allowing you to feel what you are thinking. Positive feelings and emotions allow you to fulfill your life, feel content and satisfaction and transfer over into your relationships, energy levels, creativity and overall emotional health.


How do I know if I have good emotional health? Ask yourself:

  • Do I express gratitude regularly?

  • Do I practice random acts of kindness and compassion?

  • Do I nurture my relationships with friends & families?

  • Do you get to spend time regularly doing things you love to do?

  • Do you describe yourself as a happy, content and fulfilled person?

  • Do you take regular exercise?

If you answered no to any of the above then there is room to expand your emotional happiness! HOW YOU SAY!?

Apparently only 20% of us are living at our Optimum Potential! Try the following to enhance our emotional health and vitality:

  • Express Gratitude – graciously give thanks for what you have

  • Be kinder and more compassionate, not just to others but to yourself

  • Build a supportive network of great relationships

  • Volunteer

  • Make time for more of those things that really matter to you

  • Set and work towards goals consistent with your values

  • Spend more time in nature

  • Listen to relaxing music

  • Watch less TV

  • Meditate, the silver bullet for enhanced vitality

  • Let go of past regrets or future anxieties, live more in the present moment

  • Cultivate realistic optimism

  • Embrace simplicity, declutter

  • Nurture your spiritual side

  • Laugh more, lighten up

  • Eat more healthfully ( more whole grains, greens, vegetables, fresh fruit, lean protein sources, nuts, seeds, beans, omega-3 fats) and stay away from sugar and fried/processed foods.

  • Take regular exercise, the greatest pill of all !

  • Strengthen your psychological fitness and physical health


If you can do some of the above, expect some of the following BENEFITS OF ENERGISED EMTIONAL HEALTH:

  • Fortifies the other pillars of health (Spiritual, Psychological, Physical).

  • Releases hormones like serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine that boost feelings of happiness and vitality.

  • Reduces levels of stress hormones like cortisol, reducing feelings of stress and allowing you to destress.

  • Builds Empathy and Compassion.

  • Builds EQ (Emotional Intelligence) – recognised as being key to long-term success in life.

  • Expands your thinking.

  • Opening your mind to new possibilities.

  • Become more creative.

  • Have more fun.

  • Learning to strike the right balance between positive and negative emotion and build the skills of happiness can play such an important role in your vitality, and that of your relationships at home, at work and in your community.

  • Keeping you younger at heart.