Please Read About Our Updates on the Framework for living with COVID-19.

Members will continue to reserve classes through the members app however class sizes will now be reduced. A new timetable has been devised from feedback from our members "Back to Gym" survey.

The Class Reservation and Class Cancellation Policies will be updated as necessary.

Before entering the gym, a mask must be worn, hand sanitiser must be used and a declaration form will be completed prior online. Please wear mask until you get to your individual training area.

Access to the upstairs social area has now been opened and can be accessed prior to class by wearing a mask only. No more than 6 people at a time upstairs, please maintain social distancing at all times.

Class participants must bring their own towel and water supply to class if needed.

You will be designated to an individual training area by the Trainer.

You will have your own equipment and cleaning supplies in your individual training area.

Time will be given at the end of each session to clean equipment and to allow members to leave the gym safely before the next class begins.