This underpins our core values and mission.


CrossFit Leixlip’s take on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs:

1.   Physiological Needs – Eat the right food, rest well, healthy mind, healthy body.

2.   Safety Needs – train in a safe and open environment, feel free from fear, approach our Trainers.

3.   Love and Belongingness Needs – Human interaction. Meet like minded people who also realise the importance of being fit and healthy. Make new friends, become a part of a community, build meaningful relationships, trust and accept, open yourself up to love. All this while learning how to lift weights and eat better to complement this lifestyle. We want to build and develop our community by giving your family and friends an open invite to come train with us.

4.   Esteem Needs – confidence will be built in every member's CrossFit journey, feelings of accomplishments and doing things you never thought you could do will happen on a regular basis. A sense of achievement and independence and self-respect are also many traits we will discover about ourselves. All of this oozes over into other aspects of our lives, like work, family, relationships and at home.

5.   Self-actualisation Needs – Doing things for you and nobody else – self-fulfilment. You will continue to aspire to reach your full potential every day, always learning, always improving. Never stop seeking personal growth, mentally, physically or emotionally.


DO ALL OF THIS WITH the Community that is CrossFit LEIXLIP !