Jolene - One Year on Living the CrossFit Lifestyle

First one on one CrossFit session – 20/11/17



5 Squat to Box

4 Sit-Ups

3 Burpee to Box

100m Row


3 Rounds plus 24m Row


TODAY - 20/11/18 

 One Year On Jolene re-tested her First WORKOUT as above:


5 Rounds plus 5 Sit-ups !!!

It’s just another day at the box for Jolene but this morning’s 6AM class was a memorable one. Jolene trains in every 6am class on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday as well as Monday & Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. She trains when she can and doesn’t like to miss a class.

Jolene started out initially with one on one Training Sessions and soon moved into the main classes when she was ready.

Jolene has consistently put the work in all year round. Her movement and mechanics have improved which has allowed her to develop her intensity and fitness levels. She said she will never forget how she felt on that first day and how difficult it felt but she looks at today and knows yes it’s still hard but she is moving better, faster – she is getting stronger and quicker.

As seen in her re-test today, a year on - her work capacity has almost doubled in those 8 mins.

This is evidence-based fitness right here. We can only evaluate any fitness program by measurable, observable, repeatable data.  This is CrossFit.

Jolene continues to measure and track her fitness on Beyond the Whiteboard. After each workout she does, she records it straight into the app. Recently, Jolene has taken her nutrition to the next level and has started using My Fitness Pal.

Jolene, your commitment and hard work both inside and outside the gym is a credit to you, bring on Year 2 !

Well done, congrats and keep it going - from all your Crew at CrossFit Leixlip. We think you are amazing and we love you very much.