Membership Options Available:

  • 2 Classes PER WEEK



These Strength classes are for anyone who wants to:
Add more structure to their weekly fitness routine in a sustainable enjoyable way.

  • Improve full body strength. 

  • Aid in injury prevention.

  • Enhance you in your daily needs and activities of living.

  • Support an active lifestyle and long-term health and function – Live Longer!

  • Supplement activities like running, cycling, swimming, dancing, hiking, gardening, household chores and walking.

  • Learn and improve basic functional movement patterns we do every day in life like push, pull, hinge, squat and carry.

  • Increase confidence and have fun lifting weights such as Kettlebells & Dumbbells.

  • Build muscle mass and strength.

  • Improve and or regain mobility.

  • Increase or develop core stability.

  • Improve bone density and reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis.

  • Relief from arthritic pain or symptoms.

  • Assist in rehab recovery from joint impingement's such as knee, hip or shoulder.

  • Have some fun, get out of the house for an hour.

    Classes are suitable for all levels of abilities and fitness experience and an ideal way to reach the

World Health Organisation (WHO)

recommended muscle and bone strengthening activities per week.

Class Times:

Monday: 8:30pm

Tuesday: 6:30pm 8:30pm 

Wednesday: 6:15am 8:30pm

Thursday: 6:30pm, 7:30pm & 8.30pm

Everyone can learn to move again, to re-gain what we once had!