New to CrossFit? 

You will have a few questions about pricing.

Read on to understand more about CrossFit Memberships.

They are not your typical gym membership, but a CrossFit gym is not your typical "gym experience". They are completely different.

Think of CrossFit as more of a "Lifestyle"

CrossFit Leixlip provides a premium service at a premium venue and value. 




  • A well thought out and planned training program to improve every aspect of your health & fitness. Like school teachers we lesson plan for every class in CrossFit Leixlip. The program is structured and each month has a new focus. You will never get bored of CrossFit style training. 

  • We measure and record our fitness. Does the program work? How do we know? By keeping track. By measuring and tracking our workouts we can see even the smallest of changes in our fitness levels. We use an app to keep track of all our workouts at CrossFit Leixlip. 

  • Top of the range facilities & equipment including barbells, rowing & skiing Ergs, dumbbells, rigs, gymnastic rings plus many more. We also have a members lounge / social area to chill out in pre and post class time, to chat and catch up with fellow members, have a coffee or watch a class in action. 

  • Class led training instruction from experienced CrossFit Trainers - Prepare to get Coached! The Trainers are there to guide you, to teach you, to push you when needed, to keep you safe and to ensure you are having the best hour of your day!

  • Partnerships with other local businesses providing value to you.

  • Referral programs with other professionals to ensure you are getting the best services you are looking for. We will refer you to a Nutrition Coach, Reflex Physiotherapy in the Leixlip Amenities Centre and recently we've welcomed a Pre & Postnatal Fitness Expert & Womens Strength Training to CrossFit Leixlip. 

  • Referral to Nutritional Services from Qualified Nutritionists or simple tips to get you started.

  • Workshops are run in house on a regular basis to help inform and guide members on up to date topical information. Have a look at some we have already run HERE.

  • We will actually "look for you" if you happen to go missing from the gym for a number of days. We don't believe in you paying for a service you are not using. We will always be honest and suggest what's right for you in your best interest. If you are not making it to class a minimum of 2-3 times per week (unless for special occasional circumstances) we will approach you and ask you if you are the right fit for the Gym. We don't want to waste your time or ours - we want to see you all the time and meet your needs. This cannot be done if you are MIA !

  • We will always aim to meet your expectations as a paying member and ensure our services are always improving and up to scratch !


"Why do you exercise and what's your perception of exercise?"
For many, CrossFit is unlike any other gym experience or "training program/exercise" you have done. How can it be so much fun, why do we keep coming back for more? It's the social and recreational side to it, time and time again!! The relationships you build, life long friends you make. Some find a life long partner. It's their "Third Place" after work and home. It's their place to let go of everything else going on in your world. "Happy Place" some call it. "My Therapy" others call it.  

Doing something you enjoy where it feels like it only lasts 10 mins - that's fun times right there.

We call it recreation. 

The true role of exercise is to support your ability to do your recreation and therefore an investment into your future quality of life. While your approach to physical activity should lead you to move more, it is equally important that it leads you to move well. This is where the Trainers come in to support you and guide you in your abilities and range of motion and to always ensure you are safe. CrossFit not only stimulates the body but also the mind, we are all constantly learning new things about ourselves every day. Healthy body, healthy mind go hand in hand.

Read more about the Pillars of our Health here


A quote that resonates with us is from CrossFit Games Athlete and Doctor, Julie Foucher -

"If you think the pursuit of good health is expensive and time consuming, try illness". 

To train CrossFit for free -  Download the journal, start from there. Be prepared to train yourself and pay for your own equipment. It will work for some but don't forget, where will you get the support and camaraderie from, not to mention that watchful eye to make sure you are safe? 


The ultimate goal is to help improve people's lives now and at later life by moving more and moving better for a longer life. It's never too late to start.  



Move more, move better, become a part of our community, be safe and get coached to achieve the best possible fitness you could ask for.

Feel great, feel happy and get the fittest you've ever been your entire life all while having the best craic with some great people.

"It is JOY that gives you STRENGTH"

We value you, you should value you and we believe in CrossFit.  


Contact us today to try a complimentary class.