CrossFit Leixlip is committed to providing to the community of Leixlip and surrounding areas, the highest standard of professional services, while understanding people’s needs and promoting a comfortable but motivated, fun setting.

We want to assist in enhancing cultures, lifestyles & mindsets, improving quality of life and encouraging health and well being for all ages & abilities - from teens to the later life through SAFE, QUALITY movement.

We endeavour to achieve this through expert sources of information and guidance from the health and fitness training methodology of CrossFit while promoting people's human rights & basic human needs.

We aspire to continuously enhance and improve the quality of services we provide by maintaining and upgrading the training equipment and environment and constantly build on professional development on a regular basis while being relentless in our practices, policies and procedures.

Mission Statement

Greg Glassman, Founder & CEO of CrossFit, Inc states about CrossFit Affiliated Gyms:

"Each gym is a lifeboat in what is a tsunami of chronic disease, and it's coming."

Every CrossFit Gym / Box in the World is on the same mission... we are all in the same boat.

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There are many excellent CrossFit Gyms / Boxes in the World and all over Ireland. We highly recommend you visit as many as possible to get a feel for what you are looking for and to feel comfortable as each Box has it's own unique atmosphere.

All CrossFit Gyms / Boxes are in the game for the same right reasons - to fight and prevent Chronic diseases and serious illnesses, to keep us moving and living well for as long as possible. To enable this in today's society we need more CrossFit Gyms in the world,  where going to do your CrossFit Training once a day for one hour a day becomes part of everyone's daily Health & Fitness lifestyle and regime. The more "Lifeboats" we have the better!

We are trying to spread the CrossFit love - why not come along for the ride?

We promise you won't regret it...