Physical Fitness

Physical Health and Fitness is another pillar of your Vitality and is about understanding what your body needs by feeding it with nutrition, exercise and stimulation. Your health is priceless and your greatest asset supporting you in thinking, feeling and being at your best each and every day. 

Great physical health includes nutrition and hydration, exercise, restorative sleep, rest and recharge - your Health IQ. 

Optimal Physical Health can be achieved through a healthy diet of meat, fish, vegetables, nuts, seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar, keep intake levels to support exercise, not body fat.

Drinking enough water can be a real game changer for your energy and focus. 

Appreciating the important restorative role that getting enough quality sleep plays in your health. 

Benefits of Exercising and Great Physical Health: 

  • More energy, focus and feeling of vitality.

  • Stronger immune system, better able to fight illness and infection.

  • Leader in your own health – showing great example and influencing those
    around you in your family, work colleagues and community.

  • Contagious effect – many lifestyle habits are now known to spread by social contagion through our social networks.

  • Supports and enhances the neurobiology of optimal performance at work, rest, and play.

  • Better able to enjoy what you do, and take on new challenges at work and in your hobbies;

  • Better able to lend a helping hand to others.

  • Better able to enjoy sex.

  • Think more clearly.

  • Feel more positive.

  • Better able to keep up with your grandchildren!

  • Reduce risk of developing many chronic medical conditions from cancer and coronary heart disease to diabetes and dementia.

  • Less dis-ease and illness, so less down time recuperating.

  • Your physical health pillar supports and is supported by your psychological, emotional and spiritual health and vitality. There is a natural state of balance and harmony between body, mind, and spirit.

  • Add more years to your life AND more life to your years.

*Note - weight loss and body shape is not mentioned above!

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