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A Love Letter to CrossFit

For the day that's in it!!!

Dear CrossFit,

Hello, my love. I’ve been searching for someone like you, for most my life. January has come and gone, and I think I'm Hooked on You. It's no longer a resolution, you've become my favourite habit, a lifestyle I cannot live without. I've even changed some food choices for you and I can't believe how wonderful I feel. To be honest I feel I can't live With or Without You at times!! Time After Time I keep returning to you for that rush, for that companionship - I hunger for that barbell touch! I didn't think this constant and varied relationship would last this long. I am never bored and now I feel my love for you will go on and on.

We definitely Found Love in a Hopeless Place when I needed it the most. Sometimes I just feel Crazy in Love! I know you will always accept me for who I am and without judgement or fear and sometimes you say it best when you say nothing at all!

Like a Thruster, you take my breath away.. my heart has been snatched. My heart double-under skips a beat for you daily!

We're heading for something, Somewhere I've never been, Sometimes I am frightened, But I'm ready to learn, Of the power of love...

CrossFit you've brought so many decent people into my life, life-long friends whom I trust and admire with all my heart. They will always keep me coming back for more because they brighten up the darkest of days. You've lightened up my world, you've built my confidence... Those moments of shared sweat, pain and laughter are the reasons I love you dearly. I know you will always be there for me when I need you.

Thank you for coming into my life, never change.

Here's to many more good times together, to good friends, good health and kick ass fitness!!!


Your No.1 CrossFit Fan!!

What's your love letter to CrossFit?

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