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This is our official first blog post, so let us tell you about us!

We are a small Community based CrossFit Gym located in Mill Lane, Leixlip, Co. Kildare and opened our doors to the public in May 2018. We are a group of like-minded people that promotes building physical and mental strength while growing community spirit and relationships. We endeavour to achieve this through moving well and having fun in Coached Group Functional Fitness Classes through the training methodology that is CrossFit.

Our community is a safe and supervised space for you to come and train and get healthy with nice people. Suitable for all ages and abilities from teens to later life.


Group functional fitness classes (CrossFit) led and coached by a CF-L 2 Trainer. All Coaches have over 5 years coaching experience. These classes are suitable for everyone. We have people training with us from the age of 16 up to 63. Our main focus is to train for daily and long term health & function.

Pre & Postnatal Training: Coach Maggie Lawler is our Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist. Maggie is currently one of five Qualified P&PA Coaches in Ireland

Private Coaching: This is suitable to anyone new to CrossFit where you will learn the foundations and fundamental movements of CrossFit before you join the main CrossFit Classes. This is where your CrossFit Lifestyle is Kick-Started!


" CrossFit Leixlip is committed to providing to the community of Leixlip and surrounding areas, the highest standard of professional services, while understanding people’s needs and promoting a comfortable but motivated, fun setting.
We want to assist in changing cultures & mindsets, improving quality of life and encouraging health and well-being for all ages - from teens to the later life through SAFE, QUALITY movement.
We endeavour to achieve this through expert sources of information and guidance from the health and fitness training methodology of CrossFit while promoting people's basic human needs.
We aspire to continuously enhance and improve the quality of services we provide by maintaining and upgrading the training equipment and environment and constantly build on professional development on a regular basis while being relentless in our practices, policies and procedures."


You never know what way life will go at times so we want you to be "FIT FOR LIFE & ANYTHING IT THROWS AT YOU!" Fit for Life & Fit For Your Family!

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