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Communities are Built on Trust


Communities are Built on Trust

We build bonds with people we see every day. This bond is very particular to CrossFit boxes. It acts like a glue, holding us together through thick and thin, including periods of confinement such as now and during the last while on and off.


The more we trust one another the better and stronger the bond is.. the stronger the community.

We like to think CFL is the third most important space after home and work. Inevitably, our proximity will develop well beyond a simple agreement and more often than not into a genuine friendship. The nature of CrossFit workouts we guide you through will accelerate this process, just like being teammates facing a common opponent and making it to the final whistle of a tough game. The bond created through surviving a physically and emotionally taxing experience, like many of our workouts, is strong.

The CFL Team like to think we are a very ‘Open Book’ and welcome suggestions and ideas from our Crew whose opinions mean the most to us. It is them who counsel this community and create the culture of happiness within.

Time and time again we hear it, "we come for fitness yes but it’s to see the people also. The chats and the banter while we all work our butts off! "

That creates that lifelong bond and relationship.

Team CFL have only our Crew’s Health, Fitness and Happiness at heart. We commit to you as much as you commit to us and watching relationships grow is what keeps us going and wanting to do more and to give the best for everyone.

Our bond has been thickened yet again. With the recent closures of businesses put in place in Kildare and yet again our Crew have shown up and shown support. Now more than ever, understanding is there and we are getting on with things! Times are challenging but we are working through it together.

Bring on the Outdoor Sessions and say a few prayers to the weather God’s for us..  We have our exciting Local Lockdown Throwdowns to focus on for the next two weeks - let's have some fun and work with what we have!!!

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