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Keep Smiles Going!

Our reason for existence is to keep the CFL Crew smiling!

Your happiness and mental & physical well being is more important now than ever 💙

Since reopening after the lockdown in July and having to close again in August and reopen again in September we feel it would be devastating and detrimental to our Crew to have to close again at this time. We've had more people join our Crew in recent months and to see their health, fitness and happiness improve in so many ways makes it all worthwhile. They've met amazing people along the way who have helped their motivation.

The health and safety gym protocols in place in CFL are taken very seriously, especially around Infection Prevention and Control. Just ask our Crew, they feel safe in the individual training zones designated to them to do their exercise. 

We need to help as many people as possible to stay equipped and to deal with this pandemic by keeping them active and having 1 hour a day of social interaction outside of work and home life. Getting to exercise within a gym space is vital for many especially Frontline workers who have been so stressed as of late. We need to help these people more now to get the head space, see the people they love to see and get their fitness fix in to allow them to get back to their job at hand with clarity. 

How has your gym helped you overcome this crisis - let us know!?

Please sign the petition if you agree to the above. Click the link below:





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