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Our Mission - Why We Exist!

Our job is and always will be what's in the best interest for Public Health!


Read Our Mission Statement below:

"We believe we can help as many people as possible, and their families, to live a longer, stronger, and happier lifestyle through having the best possible coached group fitness class experience out there!

Team CFL are committed to delivering to members a fitness training program guaranteed to help everyone improve mental and physical fitness and sustaining an exceptional quality of life and vitality.

Through a well thought out program with quality coaching, teaching, and guidance we believe we can help all ages & all abilities, including athletes and everyday fitness enthusiasts, get the best out of their health or sport.

We aim to provide the highest standard of professional coaching services ensuring you are always moving with purpose while being challenged, continuously learning new skills, being happy in your training and surroundings, build lifelong friendships with others who support you and motivate you in every class, grow confidence and have all the fun while attaining your health and fitness needs.  

We endeavour to accomplish our mission through expert sources of information and guidance from the health and fitness training methodology of CrossFit – performing SAFE, QUALITY functional movements at different intensities, while promoting equality, human rights & basic human needs.

We aspire to continuously enhance and improve quality of services by maintaining and upgrading the training equipment and facility while constantly building on professional development on a regular basis.

For the greater good and because Public Health is our responsibility, we will always follow guidelines from the Irish Government and Department of Public Health and be relentless in our practices, policies and procedures."

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