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Overall Health

How are things going with your Overall Health?

Overall Health is something we will be chasing for life and it's not easy. Especially now. But during these times there are always opportunities.

We are definitely catching up on some extra and focusing a little more on healthy habits and nutrition.

As health and fitness providers we have the pleasure of helping you and being your accountability partner for that one hour a day we get to spend with you in the gym. Through other means of communication we try to support you as best as possible outside of the gym but at the end of the day it all comes down to you and your daily actions

We all need to understand, the hardest work is those 23 hours a day outside of the gym Getting yourself to the door of the gym can be a challenge also but once your in, we've got you from there But as soon as you leave our influence and guidance needs to continue some what.

It's so important we learn about complimenting our fitness training program, other than what we do inside the walls of CFL. Some include: Sleeping - getting 7-9 hours nightly Eating - whole non-processed nutrient dense foods with proteins, carbs & good fats. Drinking - keeping the body hydrated. Connecting - checking in on a buddy or having a stroll outside taking in fresh air and Nature. Hug & kiss your doggies Keep Moving - not to be sitting for too long every day. Keep stretching. Get up and go for walks with the kids or dogs daily. Downtime - switching off from social media or TV or anyone or anything that may negatively impact your mood.

As health and fitness providers we aim to equip our Crew with skills & knowledge to help their health outside of the gym also. For November we are getting our Zoom class fitness sessions on but we are also learning about some healthy eating habits. Follow our nutrition plans from Bridge Nutrition on the CFL Lifesytle Series Page Get the house mates, friends and family involved. It's definitely easier than doing it alone.

Our Zoom Fitness classes can be followed along at home by recording on our CFL Online Training Page if you cannot make the live classes.

We've introduced 2 new classes to the Zoom schedule: - Gymnastics Strength - Stretch & Flex Class

Our services are more than just a place to get sweaty and squat but as a respite from the pressures of the outside world for many.

We will continue to bring new skills to our Crew to help themselves while being restricted to their homes at this time.

What we do now will help us in our long term health and fitness, not just for lockdown periods. Creating these habits will help us live a happier Lifestyle. That is all that matters

To Learn more check out info on the 4 Pillars of our Health which support us and "hold us up", make us strong mentally and physically to take on life and anything it throws at us

In Life there are pillars that create who we are, support us, empower us and make us robust in our lives daily challenges. Without one or more of these pillars in place, or a deficiency in one of them, our life is not striving to its full potential. These pillars include: - Emotional Health: Positive feelings and emotions allow you to fulfil your life, feel content and satisfaction and transfer over into your relationships, energy levels, creativity and overall emotional health.

- Physical Health & Fitness: understanding what your body needs by feeding it with nutrition, exercise and stimulation. Your health is priceless and your greatest asset supporting you in thinking, feeling and being at your best each and every day.

- Spirituality: The quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

- Psychological Fitness: Also known as your “Mental Diet”, this includes the importance of paying attention to the quality of your thinking. The person you become and the choices you make in life are all influenced by our thoughts and way of thinking. Every thought you pay attention to is an opportunity to redefine your thinking. We can train our brains to do just about anything. At a minimum to deal with the demands of busy modern-day life.

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