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See You On ZOOM !

Like so many we've closed our doors for the 3rd time since March. It's vital for our Crew to continue with their physical capacity they've developed over the last few months - so here we come with our good aul online friend - ZOOM - yet again! Members have taken their equipment home and are ready to rock it for the next few weeks! We may be temporarily closed but nothing has changed regarding our mission. We are still here to guide and support. We will still be delivering our services, just a little differently. Thank you to our amazing bunch here in CFL, from the Trainers to each and every person who has walked through our doors - thank you for your support and keeping our community going.

We'd like to think we are more than just a gym, we have a duty of care to the people in CFL. It's a pleasure and an honour to be able to provide a health and fitness service to the CFL Crew, to help them feel well and happy. People do not come to our space to use equipment and leave.. They come for the social interaction, the coaching and the training program. It's that social interaction and recreation which is vital to everyone. The in person experience, the motivation and camaraderie that comes along with it. That is what gets you through your workout and keeps you coming back for more.

​​This closure is disappointing​ to everyone but more so to our Crew who depend on our services so much, even more so than before. In March we decided to voluntarily close our doors before Government guidelines. ​There was so much fear and uncertainty back then but we feel society has come a long way since then. We've learned more about COVID, how to live with it and implement safe protocols in the gym to allow our very important Crew to continue to look after their mental and physical health. ​It's really come down to our mental health these days. This is where our crisis lies across our country with 1000's of Irish citizens on waiting lists for mental health services. Unfortunately we can only see more issues for the mental services after Level 5 restrictions.

We will still play our part in Public Health and Government guidelines but we will also continue to support the psychosocial needs of our Crew.

Since reopening ​on​​ the 1st of July we've had over 3500 visits to the gym. We are lucky ​nobody in our circle ​has​​ been identified as a positive case of COVID. Like all gyms we've had people take precautions and restrict movements but all results have come back "not detected" thankfully. Now​,​ we know that can all change too quick​ly,​ if ​COVID-19 cases are​ rampant ​with​in the community, it is so important ​​we​ all listen to ​Public Health ​guidelines​​...

However, we hope ​these scenarios of opening and closing the country won't continue for ​too much longer into the future.​​​ Let's hope Public Health and Government will come up with improved​, more sustainable​ plans​ for everyone​ going forward​.

​​ Like everything in life you can decide to look at ​this ​situation as an obstacle or an opportunity. We will take this time​ to​ look at other aspects of ​our ​health and fitness training program.​.. Of course it's an opportunity. ​We can't can't allow this awful infectious disease interfere with our health any further. As always, our Crews' health & safety and psychosocial well being is all that matters. We will do everything in our power to get you through the next few weeks, further educate, further improve fitness and keep our minds positively thinking to get us through Level 5 anf beyond!! ​Look after yourselves and one another and be good! We've done it before and we'll do it again - together! We've got this!!!



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