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Meeting the mental and physical health needs of our Crew is so important. Just as crucial as continuing to provide a safe training environment. Especially now. 

Public Health have advised the closure of gyms so it was important to act fast on adapting to everyone's training needs this week. Everyone has said time and time again, it's getting out of the house for that one hour a day that makes all the difference to their mental well-being. We are committed to our Crew for life and as long as they will have us 😉 so the changes made this week were a no brainer..

The weather has been good recently and we’ve had a pretty decent week of training. Unfortunately, it has disrupted some training regimes who are unable to travel or use Zoom.

Like our indoor training in the gym we are continuing to stick to the same safety protocols put in place:

Everyone is keeping 2 meters apart at all times, sanitising their hands, using their own equipment and cleaning it down after themselves. Everyone is using the correct cough etiquette and not showing up if they are feeling ill or have been in contact with someone who is symptomatic or awaiting results.

As much as we want to fist bump or elbow bump there is no physical contact only louder roars of encouragement! 🗣

We are a Team and everyone cares about everyone else’s wellbeing. We are considerate of our social interactions outside the gym. We are a tight knit Crew who genuinely care and act upon it. We all have our close people we will engage with – who we trust. Being and acting responsible goes a long way and everyone appreciates it.

Massive thank you to all our members for yet again supporting us and working together to get through this in these unknown times..

Here's to another great week of outdoor training and hoping the sun shines 🏋😎💙





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