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Tips to Make Your CrossFit Leixlip Virtual Class Experience Great on Zoom

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Since Monday the 16th of March 2020 we have been running and offering Live Virtual CrossFit Classes to members and their friends and family and we've picked up and learned some helpful tips to help make your class run smoothly for you. Of course our Mission is still the same in CrossFit Leixlip, we still want to help as many people as possible with their health and fitness needs, we want you to feel safe and to most of all to learn, feel good and have fun in the process!

We believe we can provide this service to you virtually from your living room!

All you gotta do is:

- show up with a positive attitude

- be prepared - to help enhance the experience we will provide daily guided videos of the movements of the workout for that day and explain the stimulus and effect the workout will have on you.

Write your workout down on your CFL whiteboard or whatever you have handy!

- prepare to get some sweat on (advise to go outdoors if possible)

- listen to the Trainer and mute your microphone unless asking a question

- grab some objects at home you can use for weights

- no weights, no problem, we have body weight workout options for each movement

- squeeze yourself in to a nice safe spot, all you need is a space where you can lie down and stand up again!

- get time for you!! it's an hour of the day for you... if the kids and pets want to join in, go with the flow! Dog licks go down a great treat after the workout!

TIPS for using Zoom:

1. Grab a pen and some paper or your CFL whiteboard and a marker and ensure you have the workout written in front of you.

2. Grab a spare 2nd device to record your time in the workout – not to worry if can’t, the Trainer will shout out your time at the end of your workout!

Download a handy workout timer HERE

3. Use a Laptop to log on to Zoom. Easier to use, and your experience will be better. In fact the larger the screen is the better. Try and mirror or cast your phone or laptop to your Smart TV for the ultimate experience.

4. If using a mobile phone choose the Zoom App for a better experience.

5. Enter the Meeting ID – please ask for this off the CrossFit Leixlip Staff. Have it handy to write in to the Meeting ID text field.

(If you’ve used the Meeting ID before it is usually remembered on your device by clicking the down arrow button. Enter the ID and press the join Meeting button. The App will show you a preview of your pretty little face and what we will see, if you are happy with this select ‘Join with Video’ button. Now you are in the Virtual Class!!)

6. Of course we would love to see and hear you but if you are shy we do respect that and you can turn your video off if you wish.

7. Select the Join Audio button if you wish to speak to anyone in the class.


8. Choose the preferred view you would like on your device. Speaker view will show the CrossFit Leixlip Coach and Gallery View will show a “Brady Bunch” view of all participants in the class.

(On Mobile devices swipe across the screen to see other participants in class. Swipe again to get a full screen of the Coach. We advise keeping it on this screen so you can see the Coach in full view as much as possible. )

NOTE: We advise all class participants to mute their audio during the class to remove background noise and so everybody can hear the Coach better. If you need to quickly unmute yourself to ask a question just press and hold the spacebar on your laptop while talking.

If you need to leave a class at any stage click the “Leave” button at the top right of the screen.

Access CrossFit Leixlip’s Virtual Classes through an invite to your calendar, by email or by visiting this link:

Check out our virtual class timetable above also.

We may be out of the comfort of our physical gym space, but we’re not down!

No matter whether it’s in a physical or virtual space, we can be stronger together.

Don’t miss out on a good time.

Let's turn this barrier into an opportunity!

We will see you on the screen.

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