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Why People Stay with CrossFit Training and Why it Suits Busy Lifestyles

For all us busy people out there, CrossFit will fit in to your life. Like everything in life, we need to think about what’s important for you in your life and prioritise it. In CrossFit Leixlip our membership base consists of people aged 17 years up to men and women in their 60’s. And Yes, we all train together in the same class. We follow the same program and we all train with the relative intensity to wherever we are at in our CrossFit journey. There are lots of busy professionals, busy moms & dads, husbands & wives who train CrossFit with us from 3 times up to 6 times a week. These guys are smart people who train smart for their mental and physical health. Rest days are taken every Sunday. This is designated family / pet/ shopping/ sorting your life out day!!

These guys know how important it is to get the WHO recommended weekly dose of physical activity (including strength training) into their lives. Most of us know we need prioritise our health for daily function & quality family time. Yes, we want to live longer but we want to do it well not mediocre and with high risks of chronic diseases. Lifestyles and daily choices we make will have an impact on our quality of life so let’s do what we can to enhance it.

CrossFit will work for just about anyone. Anyone new or starting out we will set expectations with you to consistently attend classes for 30 days. Remember, it takes 30 days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle. The feedback after those 30 days are outstanding. The feel good factor and results that come with speak for themselves.

If you are serious about being healthy for your kids, your partner, your job or your life in general – the CrossFit Lifestyle will help make everything else easier.

Some reasons why our guys have chosen to stay with CrossFit training?

1. The People!

The people you meet and see every day in the classes. People inspire other people. You listen to other people’s stories and think, fek, if they can do this, then so can I! People join for the health benefits but stay for the relationships they develop. Psycho-social health is so important for busy people. The daily mental grind of 40+ hrs a week in a busy job deserves to be released, and what better way than a training session with a great buddy!

As a member has said “We provide an hour a day where people can give zero f*cks about anything bothersome in their lives – Everyone needs a bit of that! “

2. CrossFit Workouts are Quick!

Most classes last one hour, the workouts are usually short and intense. These types of workouts are more effective than low to moderate activity for longer periods of time such as long 5 km runs. We will educate you on what high intensity is. The Trainers job is to ensure you are moving well with a purpose which is explained to everyone before class.

We will set expectations and help you meet them. Results come quick with high intensity training.

3. Measuring Success!

If you’re a numbers person and believe in tracking time and success – we believe this is important. Precious time needs to be time well spent. What you put in, you expect to get back and more. If you can be consistent in attending classes, you will see measurable results. For example, we record our workouts on the BTWB CrossFit app. This is how we measure our work capacity (fitness). How much work can we get done in a certain amount of time or how quick can we do a certain amount of work? Work can be repeatable to measure our fitness which is planned and programmed by the coaching team for everyone, we usually have a test month every few months to ensure we are progressing. It’s important to be accountable and prove CrossFit training works.

Workouts can be short, long, heavy, light – it’s constantly varied so you never get bored or biased in one certain area of fitness. Routine is the enemy, keep it mixed up and your fitness will keep improving in so many ways.

4. We were all Beginners Once!

Some newbies to CrossFit will have nervous expectations, we’ve all been there. We promise to make sure everyone is comfortable in what they are doing. We will get to know you and know when you need to be pushed. We will always have your best interests at heart. The CrossFit Trainers job is to help you experience small daily wins which will lead to big achievements where you will meet your health and fitness goals. Our aim is for you to be healthy, being sick after a workout is not healthy and we do not promote this. This is where our expertise will come in to guide you and support you in training and being smart. We will introduce you to new movements and change anything you are not ready to do yet. You will have a sense of excitement and achievement when you learn new skills. We are a learning environment not only for the body but psychologically also. You will see this transfer over to your profession, confidence is grown, and people tend to “toughen up!!”.

One of the most common excuses for people not exercising and prioritising their health and fitness is “they don’t have the time”. Unfortunately, illness is all too common. We all see it daily. Sometimes it can be fatal. We need to be planning to extend and enhance our quality of lives and not go the other direction. The cost of illness is not even worth considering.

As they say your health is your wealth – especially mental health. Spend it wisely.

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