As of April 1st we have launched our new online services while the Gym is temporarily closed during COVID-19.

The aim of these services is to keep you at home to exercise and stay safe, to allow you to be able to keep progressing your fitness, even if it is at home with limited resources.

The online services include:

·         At Home With CrossFit Leixlip Training Program

·         Access to Virtual Coach Led Classes

·         Coaching Services:

·         Accountability

·         Social & Recreational Community Events

·         Online Workshops & Seminars

·         Lifestyle Series



Private coaching and private training is available for anyone. We have  a dedicated team of Trainers to customise your Training to suit your personal needs. You may want to improve your fitness/strength for a sport, like your golf swing, improve flexibility or range of motion in a joint after replacement surgeries such as hip and knee.  You may prefer to train in a private environment, we have the space to support this.

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Fitness Classes for General Physical Preparedness

CrossFit Classes to help make you fitter for every day activities and prepare you to take anything on in life! These classes are guaranteed to make you smile, feel stronger mentally and physically and will build your confidence. 

"Courtesy of CrossFit, Inc"

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You need to understand WHY something may or may not be right for you based on YOUR individual needs during these unique chapters.

Not only is each woman’s experience of pregnancy different, but pregnancy, birth and postpartum is unlike anything else your body will ever do.

It is important to feel confident and be informed to have the best possible long term outcomes.

Maggie is passionate about helping women to navigate these chapters as they make these important decisions.

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Get Fitter & Stronger for Sports

CrossFit is recommended to be trained at least 3 times a week a long with your Sport of choice. Whether it's Golf, Soccer, GAA, Swimming, Cycling, Running.. we can promise you, you will see improvements in your "Game".

Get in touch if you would like your team to attend a session with us.


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