The Induction Period at CrossFit Leixlip will include Private Coaching Sessions.

How many you need will be determined when we meet with you and assess you and your needs.


These sessions will kick start your new CrossFit Training Lifestyle giving you a head start with some one on one coaching attention with a Trainer.

These sessions are a great opportunity for you to learn at a discounted rate. 

An opportunity that is vital to your progress and not to be missed!

The Induction Period will introduce you to CrossFit Training and some of the 9 foundational movements of CrossFit:
  1. the air squat
  2. the front squat
  3. the overhead squat
  4. the shoulder press
  5. the push press
  6. the push jerk
  7. the deadlift
  8. the sumo deadlift high pull
  9. the medicine-ball clean.
CrossFit also includes other monostructural, gymnastic and Olympic weightlifting movements including the clean & jerk, the snatch, the power clean and push jerkthe thruster, the pull-up, the push-upthe box jump, skipping, rowing, the wall ball, the abmat sit-up, the kettlebell swing and the burpee (needs no intro!).

It is the policy of CrossFit Leixlip that all Persons new to CrossFit Training must conduct an Induction period before becoming a fully fledged member.

This is for your safety and ease of access to the main classes.

If you are going to START, START RIGHT !


"Everyone was A Beginner Once"