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The physical demands of high intensity, high impact and high volume exercise has the potential to precipitate pelvic floor symptoms for women due to our unique anatomy. 
Pregnancy and postpartum are particularly important chapters in terms of a woman’s athleticism, during which time diastasis recti and pelvic organ prolapse become highly significant considerations. 

Understanding the physical changes that occur during pregnancy and birth is vitally important in terms of pelvic health and what is considered ‘safe’ during pregnancy is not necessarily the best for your body at this time.
Fitness trends have shifted from the very restrictive ‘never do this/only do that’ to the misguided and vague ‘do what you have always done and just listen to your body’. 
I want you to know HOW to listen to your body and WHAT to listen for….and HOW, WHY and WHEN to modify BEYOND exercise selection.

What we do during these chapters really matters, and contrary to popular belief the 6 week postnatal check up and the ‘all clear’ to exercise is not enough to return to whatever you were doing before.

The aim of this workshop is to provide female athletes with information and strategies to manage pelvic floor symptoms and the knowledge needed to make informed decisions during pregnancy and postpartum.

We will discuss core and pelvic floor considerations including prolapse, diastasis recti and incontinence and discuss strategies to manage symptoms such as peeing while running, jumping, skipping and weightlifting.

This workshop is for you if you are one of the following;
- a woman
- any woman who has ever had a baby (even if it was a million years ago lol!)
- any woman who plans to have a baby
- pregnant now
- want to improve your core and pelvic floor function


Maggie's Workshop was a great success.  Both Trainers of CrossFit Leixlip and Members learned so much from this lady of expertise and there's more to come. We didn't get around to all we wanted to discuss so we will definitely be having Maggie back for more. We will be arranging a session in the near future especially for anyone who wants to see Maggie for more information and with in a more hands on approach. Please get in touch if this interests you. 

Maggie discussed all things Pelvic Floor. 7 out of 10 women have pelvic floor issues and most of us do not realise this. Symptoms such as pain, downward pressure, peeing when running or jumping etc, are causing performance issues and are hindering some women from Training and stopping them from coming to the gym. Nowadays people think this is the norm, when it's not!! Minds and cultures need to change and people need to realise there is help out there. 

People also seem to have the stereotypical view that Pelvic Floor issues are caused only for pregnant women or postnatal women when it's not the case at all. Maggie talked about the young gymnastic superstar who was experiencing symptoms even at a young age. Us women have always been treated as "smaller men" when it comes to training at times. Now is the time for this to change and be shown the correct techniques to make sure we are getting the most out of performance and training in the gym. 

Maggie went through some breathing techniques with the group to show us how we should be breathing more with our belly than diaphragm. Ladies have an inner and an outer core shaped liked a cylinder and when breathing incorrectly or not moving or standing with the correct pelvis posture, this can cause pressure and tightness on the pelvis and cause for symptoms to occur. 

Maggie demoed doing a deadlift and a squat and breathing techniques when doing lifts. 

We only got a taste of what's to come and we are super excited to be seeing Maggie more frequently in the future! If you'd like to speak to Maggie yourself - email her here.

Maggie kindly gave us some resources - check them out:

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