Why You Keep Coming Back For More

​Why do the CFL Crew keep comingback for more?​ Why do they continue to show up, day in and day out!?​ Simple - The People!!!
CrossFit Leixlip
May 26, 2021
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​Why do you keep comingback for more?​ Why do you continue to show up, day in and day out!?​

Our aim as your health and fitness partner is to help every singlemember of the CFL Crew to achieve the best possible version of health, fitness a​nd​ happiness relative to​ your​ life. 

For some, it's to getstrong for life, mentally and physically and to live a longer, happier lifestyle. Some want to make connections and build relationships through social interaction while having fun and getting fit. There are many ways we can help you achieve this. Consistency and dedicatingtime to your training and healthy habits every week is ​so important.​ ​It's proven, you will notmake time for something ​you don’t enjoy or believe in so obviously, the coaching and thetraining sessions have to be both enjoyable and a challenge to you at the sametime. 

​We believe having​ a good professional service and​ sound people around you will be the reason foryou to stay consistent with your healthy lifestyle. Having ​that ​support networkaround you with the right people makes everything that littlebit easier.
Getting up at crazy o’clock to train and going hell for leather inchallenging workouts builds a bond like no other with your fellow ​CFL ​Crew​. 

We get each other and are on the same wavelength. 

Tougherworkouts make and break you and build you up stronger! 

The energy and enthusiasmyou get from the CFL Crew in every training session is addictive and fuels youto do better in every workout.

We work together topush each other to grow together. 

​The ​CFL ​coaching team​ ​have a very special connection and relationship with the CFL Crew. We love what wedo - we get a massive buzz out of helping others and seeing you smile

We all chase our ownvision of “what is fitness” in our lives.. maybe it’s to play with the kids withouttiring easily, to get the housework done in record times, to relieve aches and painsin the body, to up your game in your chosen sport, to improve your metabolic age, your sleep, to add more tools to your healthy habits toolkit , your mental resilience, relievestress levels or simply for pure social interaction.

We all need people inour lives, and it’s never been more relevant now than ever before​ and something we will never take for granted again. ​

Being around ​the right people inspires you to keep working hard on your health so you are around foryour family, friends and pets!!

People push you and motivate you to just keep going!

Find the right people and when you do, never let them go!​

We are coming back for even more on the 7th of June when the gyms reopen in Ireland. We couldn't be more excited!


Preparations and renovations are underway to have the gym in tip top shape for the return of all our dedicated Crew..





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