Motivation - What Drives You?

Success Breathes Motivation!
CrossFit Leixlip
February 5, 2021
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​Motivation and habit creation can be so powerful in your journey of health.

In order to get your wants and desires, it's important to stay TRUE to your needs.

What drives you, when you need it the most? Is it the people around you, your friends, family, coach or maybe your training or walking buddy​ - your pet!​?

Take a look at how far you've come already in getting closer to your long term goal. Ha​s​ it been that difficult?​ Yes there may be a few bumps in the road but you are still going, still progressing and hopefully happier for it. ​

Or maybe you are not happy where you stand right now, what can you do to change this?

​Success or a Sense of Achievement breathes Motivation.

When you achieve that PB in your front squat or running your fastest 400m​, that buzz and enjoyment you get keeps you going back for more. Wanting to get stronger and faster for the next time around!

Something which seems as simple as "drink X amount of water" every day - can be​ a​ challenging​ task.​

It's a goal you'd think you can manage for 30 days in a row to create that habit! ​But is it really that simple?​

Have you managed to drink your recommended amount of water every day this week?

​If not, let's reframe and refocus! Have you maybe only had half of your daily requirement? Yes! Well that's better than last week so it's a win. Maybe you were away for a night or enjoying family time and water wasn't a priority, that's ok! Accept that, enjoy what you did and get back on track straight away! ​

For us all​, hydration is so important, especially for training. It helps with our recovery, keeps joints lubricated, reduces risks of injuries, flushes out by products, helps with your skin, helps you function better and be more energetic! There are so many benefits to a "simple" task.

How have you felt this week? Hit reply and let us know.

more loo breaks!? lol!

Whatever you are doing in your life, keep those great habits intact. Learning to habit stack on top of those already great habits is the challenge.


Try having that drink of water after brushing your teeth every morning !

A great way to habit stack!

Keep up the great work.

With Love,

Team CFL


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