The CrossFit Open in CrossFit Leixlip

All your questions answered about "The Open" at CrossFit Leixlip! The biggest CrossFit Community event of the year!
CrossFit Leixlip
February 5, 2021
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For anyone new to CrossFit Leixlip you will probably be wondering or heard about the CrossFit Open, but what does it entail?

The CrossFit Open is 3 weeks with 3 workouts released by CrossFit. There are 3 versions of the workout: RX'd, Scaled or Foundation for Individual, Masters and Adaptive categories.

Workouts are announced and released by CrossFit every Thursday evening. It's exciting!!

In CrossFit Leixlip we do the Workout in Class every Friday - All day long! Your score must be submitted by Monday evening which will be verified by the Affiliate Manager and your score will be visible on the Worldwide leaderboard!! 

New to this? Not super competitive? Don’t panic. Keep reading...

Should I sign-up?

YES, duh.

To see who has already signed up with CrossFit Leixlip, go to:

What if I can’t come to class on Friday?

You come to ANY class on Fridays, do the workout, and have some fun. Bookings for Heats will be available on the CrossFit Leixlip's Member App.

What if I can’t come on a Friday because I’ll be unavailable?

If a few people need to do another day we will run an extra Heat over the weekend. Scores can be submitted up until Monday evening. If you miss one of the workouts over the three weeks, it’s not a big deal! Participation and experiencing the atmosphere of the Open is what it’s all about. 

Or if you are away, you can drop into another CrossFit gym to do the Open Workout. 


We’ve run the CrossFit Open at CrossFit Leixlip since we opened in 2018, we hear that question a lot. Mostly it’s because athletes don’t give themselves enough credit, or they don’t truly understand what the Open is all about. Here’s what we tell our athletes:  

“I’m not fit enough” or “I’m not as fit as I was last year.” 

You don’t have to be at a particular fitness level to participate in the Open. All you need is a willingness to try, and the excitement and camaraderie of the Open will take care of the rest. Ever heard the phrase, “The best way to start is to start”? Rather than waiting to be “fit enough,” jump in and start, as the experience will catapult your efforts for the next year. Each year we see thousands of people, motivated by their experience in the Open, increase their weekly attendance at their gym, commit to a pull-up program, or work to get their first muscle-up. As a result, they get fitter, and by the time the next year’s Open rolls around, they can do even more. But it all starts with that first Open experience. It’s impossible to benefit from that catalyst if you’re standing on the sidelines. 

And, if you’re concerned that you’re not as fit as you were the previous year, don’t be! The Open is a great gut check to help drive you to change that — or in some cases, shows us that you are in fact just as fit, if not fitter, than you were the year before. 

What are the workouts like? I just don’t think the Open is for me.

The workouts programmed during the Open are no different than those you perform at CrossFit Leixlip each day. Attending class, practicing the movements of CrossFit, and working to move well each day means you’re well-equipped and ready to take on the Open!

What if I can’t do the workouts Rx?

NO PROBLEM! There is also a Scaled and Foundations Options for the workouts every week. You can also flip flop back and forth between Rx and Scaled each week.

Can I still compete if I have to scale workouts?

Yes! There are Scaled, Foundations, and Adaptive divisions as well age brackets for Teens and Masters. The Open serves as a fantastic test of fitness but also a pathway to grow and add fitness to the bank over years and years. Yes, there is scaling, and we highly encourage you to participate in whatever division gets you to sign-up.

What if I’m new to CrossFit?

Even better! There’s no better way to get to know people, the gym, and the fun of this fitness program than through The Open. The Open is for anyone and everyone!

Ok, but what’s this really going to be like?

It’s going to be exhilarating, there’ll be highs and lows but mainly highs and there will always be firsts!!

What if I’m not competitive?

No worries, it’s all about having fun, trying something new and having the craic with it!

Will I have fun?


What’s the best part?

The After the Open - After Party on the night of the final workout!!! Pizza Time!!

Ok, how do I sign-up?

Woot! Sign up at:

Select CrossFit Leixlip as your affiliate!

I’m Thinking About It, How Can I Find Out More?

Talk to a coach at the gym. We’re always happy to sift through your questions, concerns, and thoughts on participating. Know that whether you choose to do the Foundations, Scaled or Rx version of the 3 weeks, we’d be so happy to have you in the mix and participating in the event.

Let’s do this!

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