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Welcome to the CFL Crew!

Thank you for choosing to train with CFL. We are super excited to have you on board with us at CrossFit Leixlip. We look forward to seeing you at your upcoming training sessions with us. A few important housekeeping items are listed below. Please take a look - and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to WhatsApp us directly at 0873177412

Remember to add our number to your WhatsApp contacts to receive occasional urgent Broadcast Info messages from Team CFL.

Check your email and ensure to add our email address to receive our Occassional Newsletters to help keep you up to date with all the CFL Crew Events, Socials and Gym going on's!

Click HERE to view or download the CFL Members Area which includes:

  • Messaging system to get to the Coach on duty if you need to inform them if you are running late for class and don't need a message back.
  • Injury /Sickness Form - Please inform us if there is any change in your health or if you have gotten an injury. We can make adjustments and work around injuries.
  • Late Cancel / No Show Form for emergency late cancels or no shows to classes.
  • Policy information
  • Our Notice Board of Calendar of Events
  • Booking Forms for a Free Intro to Nutrition / Goal Setting Meeting
  • Members Feedback Form
  • CFL Whoop Special Offer - Join first month for free with CFL
  • Request to change Your Membership with us, hold it or cancel it

Download the CrossFit Leixlip Members App

1. Download Members App

2. Read About Booking Training Sessions

3. Read Box Etiquette

Get Booking into Training Sessions

  1. Bookings for Training Session will be booked for the week ahead every Saturday evening at 7:00PM. Please read our Training Sessions Reservation and Cancellations Policy.
  1. If you have to cancel a training session, please give 12 hours notice
  2. Add us to your WhatsApp Contacts: 0873177412
  3. Join the CFL Community on Facebook and connect with Fellow CFL Members

About Us:

  • Location: We are located in a small Business Park on Mill Lane, Leixlip. W23D7Y4 will get you here in the Sat Nav. The area is usually quiet and most of the time we have the space to ourselves. Parking is free. Please be aware of where you park, and you are not disturbing access or blocking others. Please park to the left when you drive into the Business Park.
  • We have 2 gender neutrals toilets downstairs and 1 gender neutral changing room upstairs which is currently out of use due to Infection Prevention Control measures.
  • Please bring your own water bottle and towel. Stay hydrated!
  • BE ON TIME! We recommend arriving 5 minutes early to get parked up and check-in on the tablet upstairs. If you arrive after the warm up we can't guarantee entry to the class for Health & Safety reasons. Continuous late entry to a class won't be acceptable. It's important to be there to listen to the class brief where expectations for the session is set!
  • Read and learn about our Children / Minors Policy.
  • Check out our BLOG!
  • Membership at CrossFit Leixlip: "The Starter" -12 Sessions a month and "The Lifestyle" - 25 Coaches CrossFit Sessions a month. The goal is for CrossFit to become part of your daily routine -1 hour of your day to dedicate to your health and fitness.
  • All Memberships include:
  • Coach Led CrossFit Sessions by Experienced CF L1 & L2 Trainers
  • Carefully lesson planned Sessions to bring you the best experience.
  • Thorough Programming to give you the best all round fitness out there and to prepare you for LIFE and anything it may throw at you - the unknown!
  • Access to our Online Fitness Tracking App - Beyond the Whiteboard (BTWB)
  • Access to Community Events and Private Online Support on Our Community Facebook Group.
  • Access to join our Nutrition Club which is Group Coaching and Accountability with Guest Speakers, Monthly Focuses and Exclusive Events. Fill in the Nutrition Club Intake Form.
  • Free Intro to Nutrition Consultation including an InBody Scan.
  • Access to Referral of Qualified Chartered Physiotherapist experienced in CrossFit and has a proactive approach to injuries and rehab to ensure you have the best possible recovery to any injury.

    We are working with Shane Lawless in Reflex Physiotherapy in Leixlip.

Making the most of your First Month with CFL:

Here are some important ways to make the most of your first month with us. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions! Get on the WhatsApp!

1. Keep track of your progress! Each new member will receive an invite email from Beyond the Whiteboard (BTWB) to record your workouts when they sign up for a membership at CrossFit Leixlip. If you do not receive this email, please let a member of the Team know. Alternatively, you can input the Members Code when signing up for your account with BTWB: CFLCrew22

Training without recording your workouts is like driving without a road map. You don't know where you've been or where you're going. Taking notes on each session from Day 1 helps you track your progress and helps us make informed decisions about how to assist you in choosing barbell weights and scaling movements. If you have no idea where to start, ask a Trainer!

If your goals include body composition change, we encourage you to get measured and/or take photos at the beginning to set a real baseline. We can take baseline measurements during your 1st Month, and we're available throughout the year to repeat measurements and photos.

2. Accelerate your results! Learning about Nutrition.

We offer referrals to Bridge Nutrition for Nutrition Coaching Services and accountability/counselling sessions if you're interested in further accelerating your progress.

We don't focus on the number on the scales (only on the barbell), we want to see you be happy and feel good. Getting fitter, faster and stronger is what you will become, the rest are bonuses.


3. Start Slow and Maintain Perspective! Training with a lifelong lifestyle perspective is incredibly important. Remember that you're here to build yourself up, not break yourself down. Scaling workouts properly, listening to your body (and Trainer), asking your Trainer for help, and checking your ego at the door will allow you to work out successfully for yours to come. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the process.

4. HAVE FUN! We are so much more than just a gum. We are a group of people who represent Health, Fitness & Happiness. We provide to one another the support, the accountability, the motivation, and the backbone to live out each day STRONGER than the day before.

3. SOME READING: We share common values and philosophies that make us special...and makes us stand out from the rest.

Please take a moment to read over our:

  1. Membership Policy
  2. Mission Statement
  3. Gym Etiquette

Most importantly... WELCOME TO THE CFL CREW! We're excited you're here!

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